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For the youth it is fundamental to teach them the principle of Love, Forgiveness and Acceptance from an early age. In this world of uncompromising dogmatic bigot and lazy online gamblers, we must make all our efforts to teach the right path and not let them get dominated by all the negative influences such as television advertisement and thrill of video games.

The Christian doctrine of the Trinity relies on a life of selfless behavior with simple needs a Jesus explained it to his disciplaes in Israel two thousand years ago. And certainly there were less temptations for the human soul at that time, where all people including the King lived a much simpler type of live. Nowadays envy and greed are constantly aroused by all sorts of evil temptations and our children need to be prepared from an earlier age.

We believe in who came down from heaven and was incarnated of the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary and became man. He was crucified to save all people and children from their sins and we must not forget the sacrifice he made for all future generations.

They see some other youths playing online poker for a living and making good money at it and this seems so easy and so tempting to make a career of just playing a card game with the possibility to earn much more than their school mates who decided to pursue a more difficult college degree. But is it the kind of teaching we want to herald to the next generation?

As founder of religion, Jesus Christ teaching must be introduced to young kids who have been raised with smart phones accessing online gambling or pirated movies but do not realize that this lazy behavior is the wrong path for them. The services are here to help you if your children have difficulties coping with all these negative influences and you are welcome to join us and bring them for communnion.

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